Alain Vaissière


Alain Vaissiere is a contemporary visual artist based in Sète. Engineer in the Aeronautics and Space field, he is particularly attracted by the technology and the possibilities it offers. Alain Vaissiere is always looking for new materials and processes to include in his creations. The artist communicates his energy and enthusiasm through colourful and poeticworks

Techniques used

He uses photography, drawing and digital technologies for artistic creation. But also, the industrial processes for the manufacture of his paintings and sculptures. In his creations, the human presence is very strong, although sometimes abstract. His works are inhabited by a total freedom of creation.

Medium used

His paintings are printed on limited edition aluminium-Dibond and then lacquered. Thus, this technique offers a very contemporary rendering, a lot of depth and a brilliant luminosity.

Alain Vaissiere is also developing a 3D universe made of resin sculptures representing small robots. In addition, he produces 3D tables using optical network technology. The result is striking, you are caught up in a physical presence.