might graffiti


Might is 36 years old, he made graffiti since the 2000's. Originating from Salon-de-Provence, he exhibits his colorful works at the "cour des créateurs". He likes create with adrenaline, moves the latters and colors wildly. Might is an artist of "wild style".

Il est exposé dans plusieurs galeries entre Aix-en-Provence et Marseille. Il participe régulièrement à des événements autour du Street Art, au Luxembourg ou à Genève.  Très récemment,  il a organisé son premier événement à Salon-de-Provence réunissant des graffeurs pros et amateurs dans un esprit de convivialité.

Techniques used

Might mainly uses paint spray and markers and sometimes even oil pastels to create his works.

He is also experimenting with new ones with liquid gum. He makes a first flat with the paint, then covers it with gum that will cut out to reveal the lower layer.

Medium used

Might paints mainly on walls, monuments, objects and sometimes in public spaces. Recently, he started creating on canvas.