François Régis Lemonnier


François Régis Lemonnier is a plastic artist from Gap in Provence.

Zen, inspiring tranquility, François Régis Lemonnier's paintings are windows on the world. He seeks the inner journey where the body disappears. It represents the disproportion between Man and his environment. This is how he explores man and the environment by taking inspiration from his escapades to the mountains.

François Régis stages small silhouettes as a cultural, geographical, mythological and historical symbol. Thus his small bodies disappear into the vastness of the universe.

Techniques used

In his work, François Régis uses raw materials such as sand, earth, zinc, gold or lead leaves. But also acrylic or oil paint flat surfaces. François Régis invents a world of pure and geometric points and lines. Far from being realistic, it offers a space for spiritual rest. This is how the artist leads us towards a reflection on the universality of man within his environment. Whether it is marine, urban, mountainous or desert.

Medium used

François Régis Lemonnier uses classic canvases for his paintings. Then, He will decorate them with several raw materials to represent his landscapes. Thus, each work is unique and timeless. He works a lot on large formats and regular shapes.

8 oeuvres