At 10 years old, HeRsK discovered grafitti in Paris. fascinated by this form of expression, he borrowed spraypaint to his father. Since this, his desire to draw, to sign and create never stopped.

For a long time, his garage served as expression place for his creativity and experimentation.

He regularly teaches to young people. For several months, with the support of a pharmaceutical company, He also works with patients with hemophilia at Montpellier, Paris and Marseille.

Techniques used

Linving in Montpellier since 1999, HeRsK descovers and admires local artists as Mist, Zest, or Smash 137. But he develops his own style with round and interwoven shapes.

The Eskimo, the mythical ice cream of our childhood, became his signature for his sculptures, crunched, melted or melting, and HeRsk called it "Something to suck". The artist makes his own wooden structures and then adapts them to suit all tastes and colours.

Medium used

HeRsK tries his graffiti on differents supports : wood, metal, canvas, papers, walls, backpack or skateboard.

In 2007, He met Giovani Ingrato, who changed his creation from paper to canvas. A beautiful friendship was born from this meeting, human, artistic which will guide him to do many contemporary art exhibitions.

2 oeuvres