JM Collell

portrait de JM Collell


Jean-Michel Collell is autodidact, passionate about plastic art. Collell practices different material like mosaic, painting or drawing. In a first time, The artist has fun creating animal sculptures in mesh. Then, after a report on the hatched drawing, He sets himself the challenge of making lattice portraits from a photograph.

Jean-Michel Collell est un artiste en plein essor, il expose partout dans le monde, notamment à Dubaï.

Techniques used

Collell uses a wire mesh structure to make portraits of famous people. He superimposes, cuts and binds the network of crossing wires, He plays with light and shadow, to reveal his portraits. He finishes his work by applying black paint on the fence to bring out the relief.

Medium used

The main support used by Collell is wire mesh. He works a lot on the photographic projection, then he plays on the light, to realize his surprisingly realistic structures.

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