Antoine Josse

antoine josse


Born on 14 February 1970 in Boulogne Billancourt, Antoine Josse grew up in Vannes. According to him, art is an extension of life. Artists are witnesses of their time which they translate through their sensitivity and their practice.

"Antoine Josse's suitcases are full of images and noises, of desires to fly, to take down the moon, to be a trapeze artist, a human cannonball... In his sculptures, as in his paintings, everything seems aerial. The material is light, the poetry and the desire to fly are in every corner of the painting. For almost 20 years, Antoine Josse has been exhibiting all over the world, from his native Brittany to his adopted Normandy, passing through Paris, Switzerland, Chile, or even the USA...". – Annabelle Cavallin

Techniques used

Once the sketch is on paper, the painter takes time to study his sketch. He works with lead pencil, a few coloured pencils, inks, which he fixes with a thick varnish. His palette is very reduced, because, apart from grey, black, red, blue, green, the strokes are unique.

Medium used

Antoine Josse's paintings are known for their atmosphere, their evocative colour and their tumultuous sky. His work expresses an irrepressible desire for lightness, escape and the ability to dream the impossible. The presence of human beings immersed in these dreamlike landscapes transmits a unique charm to the artist's work.

His paintings are always done on coated wood. Antoine Josse has been making his first bronzes since this year. Works always tender and poetic, very close to his universe in painting.

7 oeuvres